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the Integrated Pirep System for Virtual Airlines!

The Integrated Pirep System (or IPS) is a PHP-based flight logger which runs on the webserver of a Virtual Airline.

Why is IPS the best choice for your VA?
•  No logging software for your pilots, hence compatible with OS'es like Mac and flight simulators like X-Plane;
•  Easy for your pilots: less flight planning, they can't forget to turn on their flight logger and no pirep forms to fill after a flight;
•  Flights can be logged when flown on IVAO, VATSIM or other online networks (for details, refer to the IPS information page);
•  IPS can use a booking system or a full automatic detection system (based on a default text in the remarks, the start of a callsign or both);
•  Extensive flight reports, including callsign, flightplan, duration, distance and status (arrived, diverted or not arrived);
•  The software is free, further support and installation services can be bought in packages;
•  Offline pilots now also can join your airline trough our extra flightlogger support service: more information;
•  We've also got phpVMS solutions available: more information!
Checkout the Integrated Pirep System!

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Integrated Pirep System

Latest version: 1.10.5

Updated: 04 Jan 2017